A New Life for Old Molecules: Approaches to Drug Re-purposing

Life Sciences Innovation
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Watch this webinar to hear from Dr. Joshua Sacher, Applied Scientist, Cyclica. Dr. Sacher will discuss resources and a variety of approaches to prepare for and conduct a drug re-purposing project.

Viewers will learn:

  • What drug re-purposing is
  • Observational, biological, and computational approaches to identifying a drug to re-purpose
  • Resources for computational assessments of compound candidates
  • Considerations for re-purposing projects

About Dr. Joshua Sacher, Applied Scientist, Cyclica

Josh is an Applied Scientist. He uses Cyclica’s platforms to identify and design novel chemical matter for challenging drug targets. Prior to joining Cyclica, Josh had roles in medicinal chemistry, computer-aided drug design, and informatics at Broad Institute in Cambridge, MA. Josh has a B.S. in Biochemistry from the University of Delaware, a Ph.D in Chemistry from Penn State University specializing in organic synthesis, and was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Pittsburgh focusing on medicinal chemistry.

*This webinar is a part of the Drug Repurposing Series

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