Vivian Hindbo

Vivian Hindbo


Areas of expertise: Grant writing, professional writing, editing.

Current role: Contract grant writer, editor.

Vivian has been a professional writer and editor for over twenty-five years. After earning her BA in English Literature, Vivian started her career in the software industry, primarily writing software documentation but also writing and editing a wide range of non-software documents, including proposals.

In recent years, Vivian’s focus shifted from the software industry to helping clients write their grant applications. The grant writing experience she gained during her ten years as Director of Communications for a non-profit helped to refine her skills.

When working with clients on grants, Vivian takes care of the logistical aspects of the application by tracking the completion of tasks and ensuring the proposal adheres to the requirements set out in the application guide. She also helps the client tell a convincing narrative: demonstrate an understanding of the challenge to be addressed and illustrate how the project outcomes (and the client’s expertise) will meet the challenge – all keeping in line with the high-level goals and strategic objectives of the granting agency.