Gerard Ruth

Gerard Ruth

Areas of expertise: Food testing diagnostics for quality and safety. Business development, product design, and strategic planning in the food testing field.

Current role: Food Safety Diagnostic Consultant

Mr. Gerard served more than 20 years at Charm Sciences, in a variety of roles including product development, product management, sale management, and Vice President, in both Sales and Marketing. He is knowledgeable with food and dairy processing compliance requirements at the State, FDA, Health Canada, CFIA and USDA levels ranging from food safety, quality, auditing to food import requirements for various food raw materials, food ingredients, and finished food products covering worldwide food regulations. His expertise specializes in evaluation, assessments and the troubleshooting of food plant safety and quality programs.  

Gerard possesses a strong knowledge of food microbiology and chemistry instrument and diagnostic platforms from farm to consumer. He is currently the business development manager for a food allergen diagnostic start-up and provides consulting services to many diagnostic companies, food manufacturers, investment and private equity firms, research agencies and larger consulting companies. He has comprehensive knowledge of HARPC, HACCP and GFSI-based systems, environmental monitoring, product sampling and testing, water testing, residue screening programs for antibiotics, VDRs, mycotoxins, marine biotoxins, heavy metals, food contact materials, food processing contaminants, food fraud adulterants and pesticides, pathogen testing, food quality indicator testing, ATP bioluminescence, GMOs, food defense systems, allergen control programs, crisis management, traceability and FSMA.