Precise Point Positioning (PPP) Software Package without a Base Station Requirement - P3


Description of Technology

Researchers at the University of Calgary have developed a software package (P3) for Precise Point Positioning (PPP) which overcomes the need for a base station in developing GPS applications.

  • P3 is a next generation positioning technology that performs position determination based on the processing of un-differenced code and carrier phase data from a single GPS receiver, integrated with widely-available precise GPS orbit and clock products
  • Center to decimeter globally-attainable positioning accuracy level - currently such accuracy can only be achieved through differential processing of observations acquired simultaneously from at least two receiver stations
  • P3 reduces labor and equipment costs by eliminating the need for base stations and simplifying operational logistics bringing great flexibility to field operations
  • Global consistency - another gain over the differential approach
Areas of Application

P3 has been developed to answer the increasing demand for accurate and cost effective positioning systems without the requirement for a base station. The software is adaptable to a wide range of developing applications through demonstrated performance. P3 software is available as an executable or as a C++ source code and can be used to develop applications where a base station is not available or exist.

  • P3 can support positioning applications requiring minimum and high accuracies at the decimeter to centimeter level using a single GPS receiver
  • P3 can support the development of new PPP-based GPS products using a single GPS receiver without the requirement for a base station


IP Status
  • Executable and Source code are available for license
Competitive Advantages
  • No base stations required
  • Worldwide cm∼dm positioning accuracy
  • Globally consistent positioning solutions
  • Increased flexibility in field operations
  • Reduced equipment and labor cost
  • Features:
    • Un-differenced code and carrier phase data processing technology
    • Carrier phase PPP positioning
    • Code PPP positioning
    • Advanced observation model allowing interger ambiguity fixing
    • Precise tropospheric estimation
    • Integration with precise ephemeris and clock data products
    • Statistical testing and reliability analysis
    • Static and kinematic positioning
    • Forward and backward data processing
    • Post-mission PPP
    • Real-time PPP using Jet Propulsion Laboratory
    • Easy-to-use interface
    • Online view of processing results
    • Various utilities
Stage Of Development

P3 software is available as an executable or as a C++ source code


  • Static PPP: mm∼cm
  • Kinematic PPP: cm∼dm
  • Zenith Trop: mm-cm
  • Receiver clock: 0.1 ns