TECHSTOCK 2017 List of Exhibitors


Techstock is an annual event hosted by Innovate Calgary that brings 40+ startup companies and researchers together all under one roof to showcase their innovations to the public.  This year we explore how technology and social innovation is making a profound impact on our society and driving change in areas such as sustainability, health, education, gender equality and more.  The event runs as a part of Beakerhead, a week-long smash up of art, science and engineering.

We are pleased to showcase the following exhibitors:

4G Vision
3D scanning, prototyping and printing enriches the traditional machine vision technology in the manufacturing process. Our team is developing a new generation of vision system to measure, monitor and control 3D printing process. Our professional experience can fulfill your goal of rapid or functional prototyping, shape and scale testing, concept modelling or highly customized end-use products using the most appropriate material and technology.

Ahoy Employ
Ahoy Employ is an online marketplace and platform for both recruiters and employers that is disrupting traditional human resources recruiting by streamlining the way you hire the best candidates with a simple solution: a single place for all emails, resumes and contracts. Online recruitment marketplace for employers to post vacancies, see reviews of recruiters and invite them to engage. It’s free and the employer sets the recruitment fee.

AirTerra Inc.
AirTerra is the first company in Canada to register a biochar product for soil amendment use with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. They are also working on a method of blending and pelletizing their product for use on No-Till precision agriculture farms. This would be the first time a biochar product is available for application with air seeders in a conservation agriculture approach to increase soil organic matter (carbon), enhancing crop yields as a result of increased nutrient and moisture availability.

Alberta Women Entrepreneurs 
A non-profit organization geared towards supporting women in business in Alberta through advising, loans and other programs. They are looking to connect with companies who are making an impact through tech and/or innovation.

Applied Renewable Technologies Inc.
ART’s innovative renewable technology is focused on converting cellulosic biomass (hay, sawdust, bagasse, cotton stalk, corn stalk, wheat stalk, etc.) directly into carbon neutral liquid fuel. The clean green end product has two to three times the heating value of biomass with multiple usages. ART offers competitive alternate renewable energy for remote operations, farmers and remote communities.

Apropos Information Systems Inc.
The LOUIS Toolkit, with both web and mobile capabilities, assists indigenous communities to more effectively manage and use their knowledge and information for consultation, planning and day-to-day operations. This system has four main modules to deal with different aspects of information necessary to effective community operation and planning; Traditional Land Use / Traditional Knowledge, Consultation, Asset Management and generic spatial data such as wildlife surveys or solid waste sites. This system is being developed with guidance from an advisory group of Alberta First Nations and a group of pilot communities.

Aqurus Solutions Inc.
Aqurus Solutions delivers cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to small and medium-sized companies. They focus on startups and technology companies as they become commercial and require auditable, efficient business systems to track people, inventory and resources, and report to stakeholders.

ATB Financial BoostR
BoostR is a rewards-based crowdfunding platform from ATB Financial for Alberta entrepreneurs. In addition to providing an online channel to raise funds, get marketing/exposure, insights/feedback and build a crowd, BoostR provides crowdfunding coaching, promotes businesses through ATB channels and holds live pitch events.

This innovative multi-service mobile app platform is changing how we search, find and book service appointments in real-time, anywhere in the world. Avainu app helps small service providers maximize revenues, time and customer count.

Betach Solutions
Betach Solutions is a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner, and Tier- One Cloud Solutions Provider, with a team of dedicated and experienced specialists. They help businesses move their infrastructure into a Microsoft cloud environment, and move away from an archaic paper driven business model.

Boomerang Bags YYC
Boomerang Bags works to reduce the use of plastic bags by engaging local communities in the making of Boomerang Bags – community made using recycled materials, Boomerang Bags provide a free, fun, sustainable alternative to plastic bags.

Brighton BEST Dynamics Ltd.
Provides technology to increase the profitability of any SAGD operation, while at the same time eliminating greenhouse gas emissions. Bitumen treated by the patented process requires significantly less diluent addition for pipeline transportation and has no waste products to be burned by the consumer.

Canadian Institute of Natural and Integrative Medicine (CINIM)
BreathingRoom is an online program that is available 24/7 and provides tools for youth aged 13-24 to address feelings of stress, anxiety and mild to moderate depression. It is the first online, evidence based, clinically proven e-mental health tool developed in Canada.

CleanO2 Carbon Capture Technologies 
CleanO2 CCT is the world’s first small scale carbon capture and heat recovery appliance designed for the commercial and light industrial heating industry. The device directly captures carbon emissions by means of an established chemical process and can reduce emissions by up to 20%.

Coalese Health Systems Inc.
Coalese provides value added tools that enable existing electronic medical record (EMR) systems to be used more effectively to allow physicians to capture revenue opportunities, while providing innovative and needed improvements to health care delivery, positively impacting patients’ care directly, and health care authorities’ ability to analyze program performance. Coalese’s solutions are characterized by minimal or no training or IT support requirements, low costs and rapid implementation timeframes.

Deepwater Farms 
Aquaponics technology allows plants to grow in a revolutionary way. Plant roots sit in water instead of soil, and nutrients are derived from fish waste, as opposed to inorganic chemical solutions that are used in hydroponics and traditional methods. Deepwater Farms technology constantly recirculates water, in a closed loop, sustainable system.

Delta Tee
A consultant engineering and small scale contract manufacturing firm that specializes in new product design and development. iGuardFire Ltd ( provides an automated stove/range safety shutoff device to help avoid fires beginning at the stove/range from unattended cooking. It provides peace of mind for homeowners, facility managers, children of aging parents/grandparents, contributing to mental health and well-being, and to the societal trend of people being able to live in their homes later in life while ensuring that they are doing so safely.

Earthis Ltd. – Rafferty Farms
Earthis Ltd. designs and operates greenhouses using a sustainable concept called aquaponics. They also incorporate other technologies like low energy LED lighting, solar thermal collectors, solar voltaic panels, and wind turbines to help supplement and reduce energy consumption from traditional sources.

Ex-Tar Technologies Inc.
A company that specializes in technology development for the oil sands industry. The primary purpose of their technologies is to minimize this industry’s environmental impact like a solar water heater for cold climate design, ideal for worksites in Alberta.

Extra Life Calgary
Extra Life unites thousands of gamers around the world to play games in support of their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Since its inception in 2008, Extra Life has raised more than $30 million for sick and injured kids. Sign up today and dedicate a day of play for kids in your community!

Haynes Elevators
Haynes Elevators provides home elevator solutions that employ cutting edge innovation and sustainable products with their patented counterweight design.

HustleCo Workspace
The HustleCo workspace is about much more than just dividing office space and providing desks. It’s about creating a space with a culture so contagious that people are addicted to going to work because the environment fosters creativity, community, hard-work and hustle. The winning and athletic work environment coupled with access to beneficial resources and superior marketing guidance from QuadRipple enables members and visitors to reach their full potential.

InnoTech College
InnoTech College offers a Programming Diploma with a specialization in SharePoint. They are also in the process of launching a Mobile Application Development Program for individuals interested in iOS and Android app development. With industry expert instructors, developers and consultants, InnoTech prides itself on educating interested parties in the newest technology, software, and information systems.

Kadima Dynamics
Tikkun Olam Makers (TOM) is an international not-for-profit movement that utilizes modern design and digital manufacturing to address neglected needs. TOM:Calgary 2017 is a 72-hour makeathon that will bring together engineers, designers, and people living with disabilities to solve everyday challenges with innovative, personalized, and extremely affordable assistive technology solutions.

Lighthouse Labs 
Lighthouse Labs is an immersive, modern approach to teaching web development. With a hands on curriculum built by a community of industry experts, the program focuses on transforming passionate people into agile programmers. Lighthouse Labs maintains unprecedented employment rates, and has graduated over 600 students into amazing careers as developers.

Livestock Water Recycling Inc.
LWR is a first-class global manufacturer of manure treatment systems that provide hog, dairy and anaerobic digester operations with patented manure treatment technology to recycle clean water and fertilizer nutrients from livestock manure for reuse at the farm. North America’s leading provider of manure treatment systems, the LWR system saves farmers time and money by providing a cost-effective solution to manage manure in a sustainable manner.

Metrax is a management tool that blends current technology with legacy business systems to create strategic advantage for clients. Significant value can be achieved from the start by getting all stakeholders to work together to take practical, measured steps toward integrating business processes.

Mobile Escape 
Mobile Escape exists to awaken the senses by bringing people together to think differently about the world around them. The company creates an immersive experience through the concept of an escape room where participants are put within a real-life scenario, solve puzzles to eventually escape the room.

Neurvana Health 
Neurvana Health is a neurofeedback and health centre. Neurofeedback is direct training of brain function, by which the brain learns to function more efficiently. By applying electrodes to a participant’s scalp, we are able to see their brain activity in real time by using brain mapping technology. Neurofeedback is a revolutionary technology to enhance cognition, improve memory, alleviate anxiety, eliminate symptoms of depression, recovery from concussion or brain injury and a myriad of other issues.

OpenGate is aiming to develop a new work/live, smart city space just east of Calgary. This space will allow residents and businesses to feel confident that they are in a space that meets the needs of individuals, businesses and our environment by meeting our 5 Bottom Line standards (environmental, social, wellness, technological, economic).

ParkChamp by OneUpMad Productions Inc.
This technology provides a new and innovative way to find and pay for parking in busy areas of the city. An online system provides individuals, properties or businesses the opportunity to earn extra money by renting out their unused parking stalls. Drivers then use the app to instantly book and pay for those parking stalls.

Paper helps you securely collaborate on and eSign important documents without the back-and-forth of emails. We help lawyers, business units and dispute resolution organizations accelerate productivity and customer experiences.

Physio4D™ provides a motion-tracking solution for clinicians to objectively assess joint mobility of the patients and save time. It offers physiotherapists and chiropractors that are usually pressed by time, a digital onboarding process, a vision-based assessment tool, an intelligent exercise prescription portal and an interactive compliance tracking app.

PlayCity is a free app for iOS and Android that connects people with others in their area who want to be active. The idea came about when the company’s founder could not find a tennis partner who was available, in the same skill level and in a close vicinity. Since launching in 2016, PlayCity has partnered with The City of Calgary and many other organizations to promote healthy living, diverse communities and an active and social network.

Print Your Mind 3D/ Enviromakers
The Enviromakers initiative is a collaboration between Print Your Mind 3D, post-secondary institutions, K-12 schools, and other members of the 3D printing industry to use additive manufacturing technology to develop solutions to real world problems, to benefit people and the planet.

PX3 Brain Science
Specializing in research-based solutions that promote brain health and brain safety. Developed in Calgary, PX3 has patented a new customized breathing device that is scientifically proven to increase oxygen uptake to the brain in real time. A retail centre will open at Winsport this fall.

Creates assistive medical technology to support therapists providing rehabilitation to stroke patients, and to guide and motivate patients for performing recovery exercises at-home. Motion tracking connects to a computer, phone or tablet app. The app guides exercise activities, motivates and engages with games, and monitors performance to better assist therapists in prescribing rehab interventions.

ReArm Inc.
ReArm Inc. is a medical device technology. The patent-pending design functions as a self-therapy support of those suffering from repetitive strain injuries and carpel tunnel syndrome. ReArm’s micro-cupping design promotes forearm health through the combined benefit of targeted pressure and myofascial tissue manipulation.

Provides a digital oilfield platform for energy service and equipment rentals. A mobile app for use by salespeople, dispatchers and field technicians that is instant, affordable and personalized.

Savvy Knowledge Corporation – Move Improve 
Move Improve is a video performance technology capitalizing on the concept of peer-to-peer evaluation to teach physical skills. These features serve teachers working with large groups of learners and individuals who need to develop their own structured video learning modules.

Selfling Teen Support Foundation 
Selfling Teen Support Foundation bridges the gap between vulnerable youth and support by using mobile technology. Through their app, Selfling, youth can engage with peers and support agencies on a new and separate network free of the noise of regular social media channels. Selfling allows teens the opportunity to find out who offers support and how they can benefit from it from an anonymized and gamified account.

Sponsor Energy
Provides energy to Albertans with half of profits directed to charity. The company also provides solar panels, EV charging stations and electric cars. Our Home Energy Low-income Program (H.E.L.P) provides a subsidy for low income individuals.

STEM Learning Lab
STEM Learning Lab brings technology education to children, young adults, and teachers to build digital literacy and critical thinking skills. Through workshops and programs, kids are provided with technical training and problem-solving skills to be able to thrive in our tech-driven, rapidly changing world. Visit our combined coding and robotics workshop at TechStock and see participants from our summer camps showcasing their summer projects.

Sunexo Solutions Inc. 
Sunexo Solutions is a software company that provides cloud-based solutions which enables organizations to better manage their engagement with stakeholders impacted by their projects. Their vision is to use the power of technology to improve stakeholder engagement, supporting economic growth and social cohesion.

Tricklin’ Water Produce
Tricklin’ Water Produce is a small aquaponics farm that combines aquaculture with hydroponic plant production to create a sustainable food production system. Aquaponics uses 95% less water than conventional methods. We are devoted to being farming pioneers by focusing on aquaponics development, energy efficient greenhouses, and renewable energy technologies. Our aim is to diversify our local food economy by providing fresh, pesticide-free, GMO-free, year-round, hyper-local, nutritious produce to our communities.

Visilink Media Inc
Live broadcast and engagement technologies that helps companies educate, shape culture and transform.

WaterNEXT is a cleantech accelerator program specifically for water technologies. WaterNEXT is creating a collaborative space where entrepreneurs, government partners and industry stakeholders can consider water management challenges and opportunities. Working in conjunction with groups like Innovate Calgary, WaterNEXT aims to provide the specific technical and market knowledge needed to create successful water businesses in Western Canada.

XenoMorphix Industrial Design Inc.
Offering bicycle seat technology for comfort and protection from injury. The design and manufacturing of this product employs the latest 3D modeling and manufacturing techniques, including the employment of composite materials. The goal is to get riders who experience extreme discomfort, making up about 15% of all regular bike users and a significant cadre of people who have reluctantly given up riding a way to eliminate this problem and make bike riding a wholly positive experience again.

YYC Fitness
YYC Fitness allows people to easily search for fitness classes or gyms that are in their price range and location and will make suggestions as to what’s the best fit for them and the results they are trying to achieve. It’s also a hub for health and fitness news and events.

YYC Growers & Distributors Cooperative 
YYC Growers is a produce wholesaler local cooperative that sells fresh local produce. They will be featuring produce from Alberta and some of the innovations local farms use.

YYC Tech Gives & Calgary Food Bank
Founded in 2010, YYC Tech Gives is a group of tech companies in Calgary coming together to give back to the local community. To date, YYC Tech Gives has donated more than $888,000 to The Calgary Food Bank, which translates to over $4.4 million worth in food. There are over 40 companies (and growing!) that are part of YYC Tech Gives and events are held throughout the year that all contribute to our lump sum donation made each December. We are a volunteer driven organization with 100% of all donations today going directly to The Calgary Food Bank.