Intellectual Property Management & Licensing

Professional services to identify and protect the intellectual property value of your research.

As your steward, we will ensure that the intellectual property (IP) protects your rights as the inventor(s), aligns with the University of Calgary's IP Policy.


Services include:

  • Assessment of Commercial Potential
  • Intellectual Property Landscaping and Market Analysis
  • Licensing and Negotiation (Exclusive and non-exclusive)
  • Express Licensing
  • Patent Management (preparation, filing and prosecution)
  • Active Liaison for the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) and The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)
  • Handling of Legal and Administrative Expenses (associated with patent filing and prosecution)

Company Formation Support Services & Programs

In some cases, researchers may form a new business (startup) based on their research. 

A startup's success is not solely based on the innovation or technology. It takes business acumen and entrepreneurial skill to launch and sustain a successful business.

We offer a range of services through our new venture program to support the advancement of university-based companies based on your specific needs. 

We also can connect you to organizations within our ecosystem to help you move forward.

Access/referral to:


We can help identify the appropriate funding opportunities to advance your research. We also support the application process for a variety of funding and grant programs.

Services include:

  • Letters of support
  • Assistance with completing sections relating to commercial viability
  • Assistance with completing sections relating to the intellectual property landscape

Accelerator &
Startup Programs

Access to mentorship and coaching from top entrepreneurs, opportunities to raise capital, prototype development, co-working and mechanical lab space.



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created using university facilities and support


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