Newcomer Founders in Tech Pitch Competition Eligibility Details

Eligibility Criteria 

Business Stage: Early or Seeing Traction 

  • What It Means: Your business should be just an idea or have a working prototype (MVP). 
  • Why: So everyone’s at the same starting line. 
  • How We Check: Tell us about your current stage and any milestones you’ve hit. 

Revenue Cap: $250K Max 

  • What It Means: Your business shouldn’t be making more than $250,000 a year. 
  • Why: We want to focus on helping new businesses grow. 
  • How We Check: Tell us about your customers and financials. 

Funding Limit: $200K Max 

  • What It Means: You shouldn’t have raised more than $200,000 from outside investors. 
  • Why: So we’re not comparing apples to oranges. 
  • How We Check: Financial records or investor agreements will do. 

Canadian Residency: 

  • What It Means: At least one founder should be on a Working Visa, temporary work visa, a refugee, or a permanent resident with plans to become a citizen. 
  • Why: We want to make a local impact. 
  • How We Check: We’ll take your word for it (honour system). 

Industry Focus: Open to All Tech enabled Businesses 

  • What It Means: Any industry is welcome, from tech to healthcare. 
  • Why: We believe great ideas can come from anywhere. 
  • How We Check: Just tell us about your business and how it can grow. 

Team Composition: Balanced Skills 

  • What It Means: Your team should have people who know different things, like tech and business. 
  • Why: Teams with different skills usually do better. 
  • How We Check: LinkedIn profiles or resumes should show us what we need to know. 

Time Commitment: 

  • What It Means: You should be able to attend pitch practice and the final pitch day at Platform Calgary in person.  
  • Why: So you get the most out of this opportunity. 
  • How We Check: Just be there! 

Intellectual Property: Own or Have Rights 

  • What It Means: You should own or have the rights to whatever your business is based on. No franchises unless you own 51% or more. 
  • Why: We want original ideas. 
  • How We Check: You’ll need to confirm this for us. 

Business Plan or Pitch Deck: 

  • What It Means: Even if you’re just starting, have a basic pitch deck ready. 
  • Why: So we know you’re serious. 
  • How We Check: You’ll have to show it to us. 

Good Legal Standing: 

  • What It Means: Your business should be legally registered in Canada and not in trouble with the law. 
  • Why: We want to work with legitimate businesses. 
  • How We Check: You’ll need to confirm this for us. 

Here is a reference document with application details, including the application process and a heads-up on the application questions. Application deadline: November 6, 2023.