University of Calgary IP Disclosure Form

This Form is to be completed, as required by the University of Calgary’s Intellectual Property Policy, to disclose inventions and discoveries created using University facilities and support. This information is collected under the authority of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. It is required to allow the University to conduct its due diligence and revenue sharing determination under the Intellectual Property Policy.

The Intellectual Property Policy of the University encourages researchers to commercialize their discoveries and offers researchers two options:
i) Researchers can engage the services, including full management and financial support, of the University’s innovation and commercialization service provider, Innovate Calgary, or
ii) Researchers can proceed independently, utilizing their own resources, by completing certain documents through the Research Services Office.


6. Software Inventions Only (NOTE: A response to this question is also required if requesting a meeting with University of Calgary Research Services):

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1. Corresponding Inventor:

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Notification will be provided to the University, Department, Faculty and Institute of the Corresponding Inventor.