Response to COVID-19

In alignment with the provincial directive and the City of Calgary Face Coverings bylaw (BYLAW NUMBER 26M2020) in response to COVID-19, Innovate Calgary and the Life Sciences Innovation Hub have implemented the following practices to protect our people, clients, and community.    

  • Wearing of non-medical masks in indoor public spaces within the Life Sciences Innovation Hub (common areas, hallways, elevators, and areas where physical distancing is limited);
  • Requiring all guests to wear a face mask when visiting the Life Sciences Innovation Hub;
  • Working from home;
  • Controlled access to the Life Sciences Innovation Hub limited to members, tenants, business guests, and staff;
  • Deploying health and safety protocols that include sanitation, disinfection, physical distancing, and proper hygiene protocols (handwashing, PPE, etc.).

Additional resources/information:
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