The following technologies have been assessed and reviewed by our expert team and are currently available for licensing or sponsored research.

Best practice programs to support early-phase startups from idea to revenue.

  • Programs
    • 321 Sales Academy

      321 Sales Academy

      Supercharge your sales with 321 Sales Academy. Using a lean approach, this series will help you align your entire organization - including sales, marketing and product - to drive more revenue, faster.

    • Startup Primer

      Startup Primer

      Don't know where to start with your business idea? This workshop will prime you with the basics to help you move in the right direction. By the end of this workshop, you will walk away with a first draft of your business model, with input from an experienced startup advisor, which you can use to launch your venture. 


    • Discover


      Understanding customer behaviour is essential to your startup success. This applied program teaches how to engage customers and discover their motivations, preferences and needs. 


    • Validate


      This applied program will guide founders through the validation of a product and business model. By the end, you will have sufficient knowledge to decide whether the venture is viable, and if so, feel confident to begin sales and running a business. 

      Registration for Spring 2018 coming soon

    • Go-To-Market


      Maximize successful execution in market entry, product launch and revenue growth by addressing marketplace challenges and focusing on strategy and implementation.

  • Accelerator Programs
    • Kinetica Ventures

      Kinetica Ventures

      Kinetica bridges the gap between the energy industry and energy technology developers/companies. We help to validate and curate energy startups making it easier for industry adoption or acquisition.

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    • TEC Edmonton Health Accelerator

      TEC Edmonton Health Accelerator

      TEC Edmonton's Health accelerator is a bridge builder between the commercial medical world looking for new and improved health products.

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    • TELUS Accelerator Program

      TELUS Accelerator Program

      Applications are closed  

      A six-month program designed to accelerate your company's business model, technology and operational backbone. Its goal is to support the development of growth-stage companies with technologies that TELUS could potentially use, integrate or commercialize in the following areas: industrial internet of things, big data, digital health & wellness, seamless communication & entertainment experiences, last 100 metres, smart fleet & transportation, and smart cities. 

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    • RBC Social Enterprise Accelerator Program

      RBC Social Enterprise Accelerator Program

      Applications are closed

      The RBC SEA #2 is a six-month program designed to accelerate startups whose mission is to create social impact while ensuring that profitability is core to their business model. This is a competitive program for startups, specifically those with a focus on health and nutrition, persons with disabilities, youth, education, new arrivals, the environment and affordable housing.

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    Accelerator Programs

  • Services
    • CEO Roundtable

      CEO Roundtable

      A monthly peer advisory forum for CEOs, board members and founders of technology companies to openly discuss their challenges in a confidential, safe environment. The goal of the roundtables are to provide "just-in-time" advice on current issues, enhance accountability and accelerate actions/decisions. 

      "This roundtable has transformed our company, period. There are not enough good things I can say about this group. Even banks recognize its significance toward the foundation for a strong company." - Jeremy Bridge

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    • Venture Mentoring Service of Alberta (VMSA)

      Venture Mentoring Service of Alberta (VMSA)

      The Venture Mentoring Service of Alberta (VMSA) puts entrepreneurs first. This program focuses on individual entrepreneurs who are building businesses in our community. Our mentors don't give the answers, they ask a lot of questions, sometimes digging deep to help coach you through your startup experiences.

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    • Intellectual Property Management

      Intellectual Property Management

      Professional patent management services for preparation, filing and prosecution. We guide all aspects of obtaining issued patents through our Canadian and U.S. patent firms.


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    • Funding Support

      Funding Support

      Prepare your approach to venture financing through performing a "12 Point Business Assessment".

      Having a plan to fund your business from many sources, which may include equity investors, is just as important as your business plan.

    • Startup Visa

      Startup Visa

      Canada's Startup Visa (SUV) Program is intended to attract foreign entrepreneurs who wish to establish new, high-growth businesses in Canada which will support innovation and job creation.

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  • Space
    • Corporate ID | Virtual Space

      Corporate ID | Virtual Space

      The Corporate ID Service allows you to move your business beyond your home address or local coffee shop. Corporate ID clients are provided with a professional address, access to meeting rooms, business centre resources and reception services for a monthly rate.

    • The Inc.

      The Inc.

      The Inc. is a startup incubator program that combines one-on-one mentoring and co-working space to provide support and guidance for your unique startup. From open desk space to dedicated offices, this monthly membership offers you the flexibility you need to move your business forward.

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    • Tenancy


      Be part of the Alastair Ross Technology Centre community. We offer flexible leasing terms of office space from 250-square-foot to 3,000-square-foot.

    • KICS Prototyping Lab at SAIT

      KICS Prototyping Lab at SAIT

      A facility and program that helps Alberta innovators and researchers design, prototype and test their proprietary technologies.

      KICS helps innovators move their idea from testing and experimentation to prototype development.

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Market Entry, Product Launch & Revenue Growth



Sales Training & Acceleration



Alastair Ross Technology Centre



Technologies for Licensing

A sensor-based wearable device for interactive gaming


Technology Portfolio


  • Agriculture & Veterinary Medicine

    • Natural Source Red Pigments

      This naturally sourced red pigment is formed when an extract from a commonly cultivated plant is mixed with a small amount of alcohol.  This naturally sourced pigment can be used as a food colorant or for the cosmetic industry. It is water soluable and stable when exposed to extended periods of heat and light, as well as in mildly acidic or basic conditions.

  • Energy, Cleantech & Environmental

    • Flexible, Free-Standing NanoPorous Carbon Films

      A new synthetic method to produce free-standing, flexible nanoporous carbon films from non-toxic, cheap, commercially available starting materials. Using a patent pending method, large-area films of variable thickness can be created with tunable pore size/distributions tailored for the desired application.  

    • High Performance Materials for Reversible Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

      A new La0.3Ca0.7Cr0.3Fe0.7O3-8 mixed-conducting perovskite oxide as an oxygen and fuel electrode for reversible solid oxide fuel cells.  The material has been found to be excellent for reversible symmetrical fuel cells, working very well as oxygen and fuel electrode in both fuel cell and electrolysis mode.

    • Inertial Navigation for Directional Downhole Drilling

      A method for dynamically re-aligning an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) used for directional downhole drilling.  IMUs are state-of-the-art devices for providing directional information and are widely used in ground, air, space and sea navigation.  This technology provides improved accuracy over conventional magnetometer-based navigation systems in a low-power, miniaturized device that is easily adaptable to current drilling assemblies.

    • In Situ Groundwater Remediation

      A new process to effectively and economically remediate ammonia and nitrates from contaminated groundwater. 

    • Passive Diffusion Dissolved Gas Sampler for Groundwater

      A new device, method and system for the quantitative measurement of dissolved gases present in groundwater.

    • Carbon Emissions Reduction In Situ Bitumen Recovery

      A novel technique to eliminate carbon dioxide emissions in Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) process by applying a Natural Gas (NG) Decarbonization process.  This technology drastically reduces carbon emissions, reduces water footprint and has the potential to generate new income for the oil industry by producing carbon black as by-products.

    • High Efficiency Simple Structure Uniflow Cyclone with Tangential Inlet

      An efficient method to remove particulate matter from emissions or to collect particulate material from a gas carrier.

    • Ceramic Based Mixed Proton-Electronic Conductor for Solid State Devices

      Through a combination of unique chemical elements, inventors have discovered a novel series of ceramics with pervoskite-like structures capable of both proton and electron conduction at elevated temperatures.

    • Reservoir Characterization Using Fuzzy Ranking and an Artificial Neural Network

      A novel algorithm to more accurately determine the physical properties of oil reservoirs than widely employed methods such as linear and non-linear regression analysis. Employing a combination of fuzzy ranking and artificial neural networks, this technology can accurately model reservoir characteristics such as porosity, permeability and saturation.

  • Engineering & Physical Sciences

    • Geomatics

      • Automated Identification and Modelling of Longitudinal Objects

        A fully-automated software that is able to simultaneously identify and generate as-built models and registration-refined version of longitudinal objects.

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      • New Doppler Removal and Correlation Method for Software GNSS Receivers

        A new method for Doppler removal and correleation in software GNSS receivers. 

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      • A Novel GNSS Anti-Interference Technique using Array Processing

        An inline standalone multi-antenna system to countermeasure spoofing and jamming threats on GPS signals.

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      • Method for Determining Position of a Wireless Device

        A novel positioning estimation technique that can be used by any positioning device to identify and eliminate outliers. 

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      • Method and System for Detecting GNSS Spoofing Signals

        A novel technique using a moving antenna system to identify spoofing threats on GPS signals. 

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      • Efficient Performance Evaluation of Low-Cost MEMS Inertial Navigation Sensors

        A new method for efficiently evaluating the performance of any MEMS Inertial Measuring Unit (IMU) in navigation applications.

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    • Information & Communication

      • Motion Swarms: Video Interaction in Complex Environments

        A motion-based computer vision system for user interaction well suited for complex environments. 

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      • Secure Relaying Protocol with Partial Trust for QKD-Secured Networks

        A novel relay protocol which allows QKD-secured information to be transmitted over a network that may include relay nodes which are only partially trusted. 

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      • Fast S-Transform with O(NlogN) Complexity

        A novel algorithm that solves the S-Transform with O(NlogN) computational complexity.  This fast S-Transform algorithm is fully invertible and requires only O(N) storage space.

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      • Wearable Electronic Devices

        A wearable device that uses novel algorithms for interacting with video games; inertial sensors detect player's foot movement and translates them into actions in video games.

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    • Software

      • Topographic Corrections for Gravity Measurements Software

        A suite of C++ language programs that computes topographic attraction and/or terrain correction for vector and/or scalar gravity measurements on land, at sea and at flight altitude.

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      • Geoid Determination Software

        A suite of Fortran language programs that allows accurate and efficient geoid determination from gridded gravity anomalies.

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      • KINematic Geodetic System for Positions and Attitude Determination

        A software for managing and processing GPS and Strap-down INS data in an integrated fashion.

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      • Self Calibrating Photogrammetric Software Package

        A software package that performs self-calibrating photogrammetric adjustments and terrestrial network adjustments.

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      • Aided Inertial Navigation System Toolbox

        The aided inertial navigation system (AINS) Toolbox is a set of libraries written for MatLab software which can be called separately. 

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      • P3 - Precise Point Positioning (PPP) Software Package without a Base Station Requirement

        P3 is a software package for PPP which overcomes the need for a base station in developing GPS applications.

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      • Calibration and Stability Analysis of Medium-Format Digital Cameras

        New photogrammetric, surveying and mapping with digital cameras.

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      • Footwear Prescription System for Injury Prevention and Management

        A method for predicting the response to a given footwear intervention.  A clinical tool that can be used to validate clinician recommendations.

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      • Marker-less Motion Capture System

        A marker-less motion capture system based on three synchronized SR4000 range cameras. The system provides full-body coverage without the use of invasive markers.

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      • Single Parameter Segmentation of Images

        A novel image segmentation algorithm that offers a scheme where many similarity measures can be used interchangeably or collaboratively.

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  • Laboratory Research Tools & Reagents

    • Antibodies

      • Monoclonal Antibodies to ING1 Isoforms

        A panel of nine monoclonal antibodies (Mabs) against human and rodent ING1 proteins that specifically recognize the p33ING1b, p4ING1a, p47ING1a and p24ING1c isoforms of ING1.

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      • MS4A8B Monoclonal Antibody

        A monoclonal antibody that detects a component of the "trans" compartment of the Golgi apparatus.

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      • Monoclonal Antibodies for Detection of GWBs

        Mouse monoclonal antibodies that specifically bind to the GW182 protein, a mRNA binding protein within GWBs.

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      • EEA1 Monoclonal Antibodies

        Mouse monoclonal antibodies that specifically bind to the human EEA1 protein.

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      • Monoclonal Antibodies Against Human MS4A4A

        Production of three monoclonial antibodies (mouse IgG1) against human MS4A4A which could be valuable for both pre-clinical and clinical research applications.

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      • Monoclonal Antibody Against Human MS4A8B

        Production of a monoclonial antibody (mouse IgG2A) against human MS4A8B which could be valuable for both pre-clinical and clinical research applications.

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      • Polyclonal Antibodies Against Human CD20

        Production of three affinity-purified, polyclonal antibodies against human CD20, a recognized biomarker for a number of human disorders, including several autoimmune diseases and B-cell malignancies.

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    • Research Tools

      • Engineered Streptavidin Mutants with High-Affinities and Reversible Binding Capabilities to Biotin and SBP Tagged Proteins

        Novel streptavidin mutants that can be re-used in multiple rounds of biotin - and SBP-tagged protein purification. 

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      • EQUIWELL - A Disposable Culture Dish for Pulsatile Fluid Flow

        A disposable culture dish which can grow cells under fluid flow conditions and which can be tuned to mimic physiologically relevant fluid flows.

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      • Novel Planar Microelectrodes with Unique Morphological Structure for Enhanced Neural Recording

        Fabricated planar microelectrodes that allow non-invasive recording of neuronal activities over an extended time period, and at a resolution up to 15 times higher than any similar commercially available devices.

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      • Enhanced Neural Recording of Tissues

        Reusable three-dimensional microelectrode arrays that permit high-resolution, long-term recording with minimal tissue invasion.

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  • Life Sciences

    • Diagnostics

      • TLR-4-Based Bacterial Sensor

        A novel electrical sensor capable of detecting Gram-negative bacteria in blood at concentrations as low as 1 cell/ml while showing no response to Gram-positive cells or viruses.

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      • A Serum-Based Diagnostic Test to Identify Pediatric Septic Shock and Mortality

        A diagnostic and prognostic test for the early evaluation of pediatric septic shock among infants, toddlers and school age children.

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      • Serum-Based Diagnostic Test to Effectively Stage Colorectal Cancer

        An effective diagnostic test using serum samples based on metabolomic profiling, or the identification of specific metabolite patterns in serum samples.

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      • Serum-Based Diagnostic to Detect Malignant Pancreatic Carcinomas

        A method to distinguish between malignant pancreatic and periampullary cancer and benign growths.

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      • Image Processing Technique for Lung Lobes Segmentation

        A novel algorithm for segmenting diseased lung lobes using a hybrid 2D/3D approach that primarily works by modelling complete lung fissure surfaces from partial fissures observed in individual computed tomography (CT) images.

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      • Foot Size, Shape and Function Assessment Device

        This foot assessment device accounts for gait biomechanics to allow selection of shoes with better fit and performance during activity. 

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      • Footwear Prescription System for Injury Prevention and Management

        A method for predicting the response to a given footwear intervention.

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      • Non-Invasive Detection of Solid Organ Transplant Rejection

        A non-invasive method to detect solid organ transplant rejection. The new assay presents a relatively fast, inexpensive alternative to the current gold-standard of biopsy-based tests.

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      • PCR based Diagnostic for Lyme Disease

        A new PCR platform to detect the presence of Borrelia bacteria and identify the specific species present in tick populations.

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    • Therapeutics

      • Novel Class of Molecules Targeting a Broad Range of Infections

        A library of small molecule pro-drugs that are converted into toxic metabolites by enzymes unique to bacteria and protozoa but not found in humans, potentially making these drugs less toxic to the host.

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      • A Novel Class of Anti-Inflammatory Molecules

        A novel anti-inflammatory molecule designed to treat inflammatory tissue damage associated with pathologic neutrophil recruitment.

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      • A Novel Therapeutic Technology for the Treatment of Pain

        A novel therapeutic for the treatment of neuropathic and inflammatory pain.

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      • Novel Inhibitors of T-type Calcium Channels

        Synthesized novel compounds capable of treating neuropathic and inflammatory pain by inhibiting Cav3.2 ion channels.

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      • Novel Anti-Fungal Azole Derivatives with Reduced Cardiotoxicity

        An array of novel modified azole derivatives displaying reduced cardiotoxicity in vitro. These novel therapeutic agents exhibit comparable (or greater) anti-fungal activity compared to common anti-fungal agents such as miconazole.

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      • Novel Methods to Treat Hypercholestrolemia

        This approach represents the first opportunities to inhibit PCSK9 using an endogenous human protein as opposed to exogenous antibodies or RNAi.

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      • Novel Proteins with Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Eukaryotic Activity

        Identficiation of a large set of proteins from the type 6 secretion system (T6SS) with anti-bacterial or anti-eukaryotic proteins.

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      • Therapeutic for Multiple Sclerosis

        The tricyclic antidepressant clomipramine as a potential therapeutic for multiple sclerosis.

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      • Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis Using a Combination of Approved Drugs

        Discovery that a combination of minocycline and hydroxychloroquine can prevent the onset of symptoms in an MS mouse model.

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      • Therapeutic Treatment For Peripheral Nerve Damage

        Therapeutic application of alphaB-crystallin promotes recovery from peripheral nerve injury.

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      • Novel Therapy for Opiate Withdrawl

        Novel therapy that is well tolerated with a low incidence of side effects.

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    • Medical Devices

      • Acoustic Device for Monitoring the Function of Sphincters in the Gastrointestinal Tract

        A minimally invasive acoustic device and associated method for ambulatory monitoring of sphincters in the GI tract.

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      • Minimally Invasive Approach to Full-Thickness Gastric Biopsy

        A new procedure that is less invasive than laparoscopy or laparotomy.

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      • A Guide System for Optimal Hip Component Placement

        A surgical guide system which increases the accuracy of acetabular component placement during Hip Replacement Surgery.

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      • Surgical Training Device

        A new device to more accurately simulate the complex angles involved in cardiac surgery or in the surgery of other internal organs.

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      • Trans-esophageal Aortic Compression Balloon

      • Pneumothorax Drainage Device

        The pneumothorax drainage device incorporates features for depth control and cavity recognition to enable the proper positioning and draining of pneumothoraxes improving treatment in hospital and field by military and EMS/First Responders.

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      • Enhanced Recording of Neural Tissues

        Reusable three-dimensional microelectrode arrays that permit high-resolution, long-term recording with minimal tissue invasion.

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  • Manufacturing & Industrial Application

    • Quenching-Resistant Detector for Hydrocarbon Samples

      A detection technology with superior resistance to signal quenching, high analyte sensitivity and enhanced signal reproducibility over other approaches.

    • Green Efficient Chromatography using Water & Carbon Dioxide

      An efficient, environmentally compatible method of separating chemical compounds by exploiting the limited miscibility between water and carbon dioxide.

  • Oil & Gas

    • Inertial Navigation for Directional Downhole Drilling

      A method for dynamically re-aligning an inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) used for directional drilling.

    • JAGD: New Well Design & Thermal Recovery Method for Enhanced Recovery from Heavy Oil and Bitumen Reservoirs

      Higher recovery from reservoir beyond cold production recovery.

    • Carbon Emissions Reduction in In Situ Bitumen Recovery

      A novel technique to eliminate carbon dioxide emissions in Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) process by applying a Natural Gas (NG) Decarbonization process.

    • Reservoir Characterization Using Fuzzy Ranking and an Artificial Neural Network

      A novel algorithm to more accurately determine the physical properties of oil reservoirs than widely employed methods.  

    • Bitumen Pellets

      Low cost, environmentally safe transportation of bitumen.

    • Ionic Liquids for Tailings Treatment

      A synthesised new ionic liquid that has the potential to enhance current tailings treatment and management processes. This technology may have the ability to replace polyacrylamide as the treatment of choice for accelerated tailings settlement.

  • Social & Clinical Innovation

    • Online Education for Treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

      A valuable training tool for mental health professionals to properly diagnose and treat Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

    • Move Improve

      A peer-to-peer and self-learning evaluation tool for any movement based skill. Can be leveraged by individuals who teach basic physical skills and movements.


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